How to Deliver Math Contest Results to Your Children Effectively and Tactfully

The purpose of the Spirit of Math International Contest is for students to have an enjoyable experience and learn how to write a mathematics contest. It is also meant to encourage a little contest between the students.

While you review the results of your child’s contest, please keep in mind that these questions are meant to be challenging and – unlike an exam – the contest questions may not directly reflect everything they have learned in their day school.


What is the Meaning of a Challenge?

Regardless of what score your child gets, first ensure to discuss with them the meaning of a “challenge”. “Why would we want to give you a challenge?” Sometimes children will answer that it is so that they can learn more, but then you need to say something like, “you can learn a lot just by sitting in front of a T.V. and watching it for a couple of hours. Is that challenging?”. 

You want to have them realize that it is to prepare them for the future, so that they have the skills needed to solve problems and deal with other life challenges. Explain that a child will only develop a strong sense of confidence if they are given opportunities that are tough. When they see that they can indeed do the “tough stuff”, then their confidence improves.


Inspire Confidence in your Child

Part of Spirit of Math’s mission statement is to inspire confidence. Parents need to also have confidence in their children if they are to succeed. Your goal is to help them achieve success. Let them know that you believe they can rise to the challenge that is before them. 

Discuss with your child the feelings they might have experienced – feeling a little over challenged, not being able to get help from the teacher when they did not understand a question, excitement when they did get the questions, etc. It is important that you spend time on this topic and relate it to what the students experience and thus why it is important to continue even if it is rather tough. It is also important that the parents “feel” what the students are “feeling”.


Letting them Know their Score

It is important that your child understands that not only should they be proud of themselves for taking on this challenge, but that their final score is only part of the experience. The important take away is that they are building the life skills to face challenges, step out of their comfort zone, and proactively bettering themselves through these experiences. So whether they received a perfect score, or only got a few questions correct, approach the situation with positivity and show them you are proud of them. Discuss next steps, and how they can keep challenging themselves and improving for the future.

Many young people have lost their fear of mathematics, and have found that they approach the learning of mathematics with excitement simply from being challenged in appealing ways.


We sincerely hope your children enjoyed writing the Spirit of Math International Contests, and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Registration Deadline Extended to February 18, 2019!

Register before February 18, 2019!

Spirit of Math is now also offering the Spirit of Math International Contest to Non-Spirit of Math students at many of our locations, scheduled to take place on March 1, 2019.

If your child has friends at their day school who may be interested in writing the SoM contest, they will need to register online.

This is a great opportunity for Non-Spirit of Math students to learn how to face challenges and test their level of skills with their peers globally.

Registration Deadline for Spirit of Math International Contest: February 18, 2019!

Spirit of Math students can now register for older grades contest!

Spirit of Math students Grades 1-4 students are offered with an opportunity to write the Spirit of Math International Contest every year. 

The Spirit of Math International Contest is written in class during week #24, registrations are not necessary if your child is already enrolled at Spirit of Math. But, Spirit of Math allows now our students to register to write the contest for older grades on March 1, 2019!