Registration Deadline Extended to February 18, 2019!

Register before February 18, 2019!

Spirit of Math is now also offering the Spirit of Math International Contest to Non-Spirit of Math students at many of our locations, scheduled to take place on March 1, 2019.

If your child has friends at their day school who may be interested in writing the SoM contest, they will need to register online.

This is a great opportunity for Non-Spirit of Math students to learn how to face challenges and test their level of skills with their peers globally.

Registration Deadline for Spirit of Math International Contest: February 18, 2019!

Spirit of Math students can now register for older grades contest!

Spirit of Math students Grades 1-4 students are offered with an opportunity to write the Spirit of Math International Contest every year. 

The Spirit of Math International Contest is written in class during week #24, registrations are not necessary if your child is already enrolled at Spirit of Math. But, Spirit of Math allows now our students to register to write the contest for older grades on March 1, 2019!